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Thesis Advisory Committee

The implementation of monitoring committees as of 01/10/2017

Validated by the Council of the Doctoral College - University of Strasbourg on 13 December 2017

In accordance with the decision of 25 May 2016 which sets out the national training and procedures leading to the award of the national doctoral diploma, and more specifically Article 13 thereof, the Doctoral College - University of Strasbourg proposes that all doctoral students receive at least one hearing before a monitoring committee.

"It will assess, through an interview with the doctoral student, his or her program of studies and the progress of his or her research. It will formulate its recommendations and convey a report of the interview to the director of the doctoral school, the doctoral student and his or her thesis supervisor.
In particular, it will avert any form of conflict, discrimination or harassment.
The composition, organization and function of this committee shall be determined by the board of the doctoral school. The members of this monitoring committee shall not offer guidance on the doctoral student's work"

The composition and the conduct of the monitoring committee shall respect the common regulations of the Doctoral College of the University of Strasbourg and the specific regulations of the Doctoral School concerning the doctoral student.

Composition of the monitoring committee :

  • A minimum of 2 teacher/researchers or researchers (emeritus accepted) who are not linked to the doctoral student's project.
  • At least 1 member must hold a HDR, (habilitation à diriger des recherches - authorization to direct research)
  • At least 1 member of the committee must be external to the research unit of the doctoral student (and his/her co-supervisor if applicable).
  • Be in accordance with the composition as defined in the individual training agreement of the doctoral student

Proceedings of the Monitoring Committee :

  • Each doctoral student must have been interviewed by the monitoring committee prior to his or her 3rd registration and then annually following any derogation. Monitoring committees should therefore meet prior to the doctoral school's pre-registration.

The doctoral student shall present his or her work to the monitoring committee and respond to the committee members' questions. His or her thesis supervisor(s) will attend the presentation and the discussion. This discussion will continue with an individual interview with the doctoral student and an individual interview with the thesis supervisor. In the case of a different organization, the supervisor must provide a written opinion on the progress of his doctoral work.

The monitoring committee's report, completed and signed, must be sent to the doctoral student's doctoral school within a maximum of 15 days and is to be brought to the attention of the doctoral student and the thesis supervisor, who shall have a right of reply.