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Accreditation of the Graduate School of Health and Life Sciences 414 from the University Louis Pasteur

  • Director: Professor Claude Kedinger .
  • Members:
    • DEA managers in Health and Life sciences: Professors Alain Beretz, Jules Hoffmann and James Stévenin, Rémy Schlichter and B. Poulain
    • Directors of national “multi- seals” DEA: Professors Jean Cavarelli Alain Lugnier, Michel Velten, Yvon Le Maho
    • Directors of studies: Teachers Will Bruno, Daniele Hoffmann and Jean-Marc Jeltsch.


September 2005 : Graduation organized in Bachelors, Masters, Doctorate. Graduate schools in charge of the PhD.

October 17th 2005 : 1st Scientific Council

Directors of research units : Paul PÉVET, Claude KÉDINGER, Jean-Louis MANDEL, Jean-Marc REICHHARDT, Alain KROL
Supervisors/Directors of Masters degrees : Serge POTIER, Bertrand LUDES
Head of Scientific Education and Socio-professionnal trainings : Gilles PRÉVOST
External personnel : Pascale COSCAUT, Anne EPHRUSSI, Jean CHAMBAZ, Heinrich REICHERT

October 17th 2005 : 1st Pedagogical Council

Director of the graduate school : Catherine FLORENTZ
Director of Studies : Jean-Marc JELTSCH
Head of Scientific Education and Socio-professionnal trainings : Anne-Catherine DOCK-BREGEON, Nelly FROSSARD, Yves LARMET, François GAUER, Claude SAUTER
Supervisors/Directors of Masters degrees : Daniel KERN, Jean-Luc IMLER
PhD students : Alice COUEGNAS, Nicolas BALDECK


New board for the doctoral school :
Professor Catherine Florentz, director of the graduate school.
Secretary : Fanny Hummel and Céline Montibeller (september 2010 to november 2012)
Webmaster : Pascal Mathelin

February 2006 : With the help of Serge Potier, Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences, the establishment of the doctoral school seat in the Institute of Zoology.

July 2006 : First attribution of doctoral contracts by joint competitive recruitment

August 2006 : Ministerial order governing doctoral schools (arrêté ministériel du 07 août 2006)


Dr. Michel Labouesse, vice- director of doctoral school.

First assessment of the AERES : A + and accreditation by the Ministry of Research and Higher Education for the next four years.


Creation of the University of Strasbourg by fusion of Louis Pasteur University ULP , University Marc Bloch (UMB) University Robert Schumann (URS) and University Institute of Teacher Training (IUFM) and creation of the College of Doctoral Schools

Adoption of the present doctorate charter by the University of Strasbourg


Establishment of the Doctoral school seat in the European Doctoral College.


Second Assessment AERES : A + and accreditation by Ministry of Research and Higher Education for the next four years.


January 2013 :
Professor Serge Potier, director of the graduate school
Secretary: Melanie Muser (since December 2012)

February 2013 : New Concils
Doctoral School Council
Scientific Council
Pedagogical Council


January 2014 :

  • Dr Catherine Schuster, vice-director of doctoral school


Janvier 2018 :

Dr Catherine Schuster est nommée Directrice de l'école doctorale 414

Février 2018 :

Nouveaux Conseils
Conseil de l'École Doctorale
Conseil Scientifique
Conseil Pédagogique

Juin 2019 : 

Prof Maxime Lehmann est nommé Directeur Adjoint de l'école doctorale 414