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PhD Admissions

Requirements :

  • Candidates for registration in the first year of the doctorate must hold a master's degree conferred by a French university at the end of a course establishing their aptitude for research. The average grade of the master's degree - calculated from the averages of the 4 semesters, each with the same coefficient - must be at least equal to 13/20.
  • Candidates must have obtained the agreement of a thesis director (DT) authorized to direct research and that of the director of the research unit (DU) in which they plan to prepare the thesis.
  • Applications must be associated with a remuneration equivalent to the monthly salary of an institutional doctoral contract and with social security coverage compatible with medical and hospital costs in France (€1975 gross per month as of September 1, 22) for a minimum period of three years.
  •  All candidates must have at least the B2 level of the CERCL (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in either French or English. Candidates who have obtained the Master's degree in a French-language university or in an English-language university are deemed to have this level. Other candidates will have to provide a document from an accredited organization certifying that they have the required language level. This provision comes into effect on January 1, 2016.

Case 1 : You hold a university diploma delivered by a foreign university

Before registering, you will have to file an exemption application record.

Case 2 : You hold a french master degree or DEA delivered by a french university

You have to :

Once you obtain your login and password by email, you must complete an online folder and specify the name of your future research unit, the title of your thesis, the name of your future supervisor etc. You will also need to download online: proof of funding (copy work contract, grant certificate or another document to justify a monthly income for at least 3 years), a copy of your master's degree and your Master's degree transcripts, your CV and thesis project.

Once your file is complete and has been approved by the director of the doctoral school you will proceed to the second stage called administrative registration.


If when entering information, your future PhD supervisor does not appear in the proposed listing, please contact the secretary : 03 68 85 16 95

We will send you an hard paper version to print.