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Renewal of enrolment

Annual renewal of enrolment in the Doctoral School

The typical length of a doctoral thesis is three years. An extension can be granted by the head of the University. The candidate should submit a justification for an extension, which needs to be approved by the PhD supervisor. The director of the Doctoral School can then apply for an extension with the head of the University. (Decree from August 7th, 2006 a. 15).

The administrative enrolment has to be renewed every year (decree from August 7th, 2006 a. 14). Students who fail to enroll will be considered as having abandoned their thesis. Accordingly, the PhD thesis can only be submitted if the candidate has been registered for the current year.

Annual renewal of enrolment 2018-2019

Only university student email account (xxx@etu.unistra.fr) work for this application.

You all have a xxx@etu.unistra.fr address that was created when you registered at the university and you have to activate if it is not done yet.

If you have problems with your student email address, please contact IP from the University, you can call or send an email : support@unistra.fr

Re-enrollment campaign 2018-2019 starts June 2018

REMINDER about process :

re-enrolment in PhD involves two steps:

  1. Apply for admission (active link to the webside) from June 11th to August 31th
  2. Administrative registration from 1st to 23th September 2018.

From now on, depending on your case (see below), you can download the documents on the specific website for admission (PIT).

If you enroll in :

  • 2nd year: a progress of your work (2-3 pages max), proof of founding covering the current academic year
  • 3rd year: a progress of your work (2-3 pages max), proof of founding covering the current academic year, copy of your mid-thesis commitee report,
  • 4th year and more : a progress of your work (2-3 pages max), proof of founding covering until your defense, provisional calendar of defense, a letter from your PI supervisor explaining why you need one more enrollment

WARNING : PhD students entering in 3rd, 4th and more must have send their Thesis Follow-Up Committee Report to the secretary of the Doctoral School before 23th September. Excepted PhD students who will defend their Thesis before December 31th 2018.



The thesis defense can be organised until september 30th included without having to register for one more year.

Doctoral students which defend their thesis between October and December of the current academic year will be eligible for repayment of registering fees by half.