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Thesis Defense

For all questions concerning the thesis defense, please contact :

Département Formation Doctorale
Direction de la Recherche et de la Valorisation
Collège doctoral
CDE - 46 boulevard de la Victoire

Tél : +33 (0) 3 68 85 11 14
e-mail : dir-formdoct@unistra.fr

Jury proposition

An electronic version of your jury proposal + thesis summary + list of publications must be sent by the deadlines indicated below to Mrs Géraldine SCHVERER :

Tél : +33 (0) 3 68 85 16 96
e-mail : dir-formdoct@unistra.fr

Dates limites de dépôt des propositions de jury

Dates des réunions
Commission des Thèses

Planning de soutenance

13 mai  2024, 12h00

24 mai 2024, 9h00

Août, septembre 2024

17 juin 2024, 12h00

28 juin 2024, 9h00

Octobre 2024

26 août 2024, 12h00

6 septembre 2024, 9h00


7 octobre 2024, 12h00

18 octobre 2024, 9h00

Décembre, janvier 2025

2 décembre 2024, 12h00

13 décembre 2024, 9h00

Février 2025

6 janvier 2025,12h00

17 janvier 2025,9h00

Mars 2025

3 février 2025, 12h00

14 février 2025, 9h00

Avril 2025

3 mars 2025, 12h00

14 mars 2025, 9h00

Mai 2025

7 avril 2025, 12h00

17 avril 2025, 9h00

Juin 2025

12 mai 2025, 12h00

23 mai 2025, 9h00

Juillet 2025

2 juin 2025, 12h00

13 juin 2025, 9h00

Août, septembre 2025

Your jury composition

Jury proposal : (Between 4 and 8 members)

The composition must allow a balanced representation of women and men, half must be composed of professors or similar personnel and at least half must be French or foreign personalities, external to the ED and Unistra.

Example :

  •  thesis director,
  • (if) co-director at Unistra (add 1 additional external member),
  • 2 external rapporteurs. These must be HDR, without any scientific link with the candidate (no co-authorship of publication, poster) ⚠️⚠️ Foreign external referees must be Professor - Provide CVs of foreign referees,
  • 1 internal examiner. This one must be HDR and without scientific link with the candidate (no co-authorship of publication, poster/poster).

The invited members should not appear on the jury proposal as they are not part of the jury.

Thesis abstract :

            The abstract (only in French) allows in 4 pages to understand the project and the contribution of the PhD student in the project (introduction, results, conclusions,...).

At the end of the abstract, it is mandatory to show :

  • The list of published, accepted, submitted or in progress articles in the classical form: title, all authors, name of the journal, references,
  • The list of oral and poster communications: title, all authors, details of the scientific meeting (title, date, place).

At least one manuscript submitted for publication (with proof of submission) is required at the time of the request for authorization of defense.

If not, the thesis director will have to join an argument explaining the absence of submission at the time of the abstract submission.

Procedure concerning the thesis defense

Les disciplines en doctorat


  • At least one paper submitted for publication (with proof of submission) is required when requesting a thesis defense.
  • If not, the PhD Director must provide an argument explaining the absence of submission along with the submission of the summary.  It is up to the members of the thesis jury to decide if this is sufficient, by considering the thesis submitted by the PhD student. This assessment must include at least a report on the thesis defense.

Electronic submission of thesis

Following the decision by the Administrative Council on the 30th March 2010, the University of Strasbourg adopted, from the 1st January 2012, a new procedure for the legal submission of doctoral theses: the electronic legal submission.

In doing this, the University of Strasbourg wished to reinforce accessibility and visibility of their scientific productions, applying the decree of the 7th August 2006 concerning modes of submission, reporting, reproduction, distribution and conservation of doctoral theses.

For every thesis defense after the 1st January 2012, the PhD student can no longer submit paper versions of their thesis.  The submission must be made exclusively in an electronic form.  Conforming to the requirements of the decree of the 7th August 2006, the thesis must be shared automatically within the University of Strasbourg on the server of theses of the University (access restricted to those with authentication), provided that confidentiality has not been requested by the President of the University.

However, the thesis can be made accessible to the entire server (access without authentication) subject to the approval of the PhD student.  In all cases, a distribution contract must be signed by the student and by the University.

The uploading of a thesis online in an electronic form is subject to legal and technical requirements which are detailed in the links below.