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Objectives of the programme

The IMCBio University Research School (EUR) offers research training through research to train a new generation of researchers capable of working at the interfaces between different areas of biology.

This training program is original in its cross-disciplinary nature. It is positioned at the interface of different disciplinary fields: cellular and molecular biology, structural biology, biochemistry and biophysics, genetics, neurobiology, developmental biology, immunology and plant biology.

The IMCBio EUR is a program of excellence that enables students to be trained within national and international structures renowned for the quality of their research:


Doing your PhD with IMCBio

The IMCBio PhD Program, associated to the Doctoral School ED414 of the Strasbourg University, is a three year – intensive training program developed to train the next generation of scientists. During these three years, IMCBio PhD students:

  • Train in excellent laboratories, benefiting from synergies between experts and top-level technology platforms
  • Participate in lectures and practical courses that will give students an insight into the latest developments in biology or state of the art technologies and to help them prepare the next steps of their career
  • Have the chance to attend numerous first-class seminars given by internationally distinguished scientists and discuss with them
  • Get support for training abroad if necessary
  • Learn about technology transfer, intellectual property and how to start your own company.



Bertrand Séraphin (Director)


Gwenaëlle Graulier (Manager)


Auriane Velten (administrative assistant)



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