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Competition for University fellowships

1. General principles

  • Subject highlighted by a star on the website of the doctoral school (Research teams/PhD topics), agreement between student and PhD supervisor
  • Registration, selection of 60 students for an interview, contracts for the highest ranks.

Selection for interview

A maximum of 60 students selected by the Scientific Council of the Doctoral School for an interview. Selection on CV including marks of the two years of Master.

NB: Holders of a degree different from the Master’s degree of a French university must submit an exemption request before starting their registration at University of Strasbourg.


Oral presentation: 15 minutes - Questions: 15 minutes

A 15mn oral presentation describing the following points of the Master’s work experience:
- Position of the subject within the laboratory’s objectives / overview of the results.
- Critical analysis of the methodological tools / approaches
- Scientific and methodological prospects
- Position of the PhD in the professional project of the candidate

A 15mn questions session to test the ability to defend a scientific project.

Awarded students have to prepare their PhD on a topic highlighted by a star on the posted list (PhD topics) on the Doctoral School’s website.

Règlement du concours d'attribution des contrats doctoraux