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Doctoral Training Agreement

What is it ?

According to Article 12 of the Decree of 25 May 2016 a doctoral training agreement must now be established for each doctoral candidates. It may be revised at each renewal of the registration.

It provides the names of the member institution of Université de Strasbourg is registered, the graduate school and the research laboratory where the PhD student is integrated ; it also mentions the names of the supervisor, of the head of the research laboratory, of the PhD student and the rights and duties of each of them.
This training agreement mentions also the subject of the PhD and the specialty, the doctoral funding conditions and the following :

Doctoral training agreement

Arrêté ministériel Aide pour la préparation de cette convention de formation
 If the doctorate is conducted full-time or part-time; in this case is specified the professional status of the doctoral student ;

See art.1 in the Doctoral training agreement

  • Specify here if the PhD student is fellow or employee, if s/he is fellow the name of the funder, if employee who the employer.
The provisionnal limestones of the research project ;

See art.2 in the Doctoral training agreement

  • If the thesis is part of an international joint supervision of doctoral thesis, specify the schedule of the stays in both countries,
  • If the thesis is done in partnership with a non-academic research center, specify here the provisional schedule of stays at both sites,
  • If the doctoral project is part of a research contract for which "milestones" and "deliverables" are planned, specify the dates and commitments.
 The supervisory procedures, monitoring of the training and advancement of the doctoral research ; See art.2 in the Doctoral training agreement
Specify, where appropriate, the names of the co-director and co-supervisors and their implication in the scientific supervision ;
  • Specify, if appropriate, a provisional schedule of exchange on the progress of the doctoral work
  • Specify the modalities agreed by the doctoral school for the organisation of individual monitoring committee

 Material conditions for realization of the research project and, where appropriate, specific security conditions ;


See art.2 in the Doctoral training agreement

  • Refer to the internal regulation and sefety rules or the hosting reserach unit or if specific conditions for this doctoral project exist then include them.
 The terms of integration in the unit or the research team ;

See art.2 in the Doctoral training agreement

  • For example, the name of the group of the team hosting the PhD student inside the research lab, the name of the person who manages the team, any collective responsibilities handled by the PhD student in the laboratory, the office location of the doctoral student, scientific animations or integration of the research unit offered or mandatory
 The professional project of the doctoral student ;

See art.4 in the Doctoral training agreement

  • This is a provisional and revisable project. There can be multiple projects at the begining and a more focused projet at the end, don't feel constrained in your choices by the article. However it is essential to ensure that there is no incompatibility between this or these professional projects and the conditions for realization of the PhD. Besides the individual training courses offered by the doctoral college should be suitably chose to prepare this professional project.
 The individual path link training with the professional project ; See art.4 in the Doctoral training agreement
 The objectives of exploitation of doctoral research: diffusion, publication and confidentiality, right to intellectual property as the doctoral program of the field ; See art.3 in the Doctoral training agreement
  • Specify here general instructions for signing the publications of the research unit,
  • If applicable, specify the instructions related to the reporting of the funding program in the acknowledgments.
  • Please explain also the elements related to intellectual property, disclosure or confidentiality, in connection with the professional project of the doctoral student.
  • Confidentiality may, for example, interfere with the career development of the future PhD for professional projects where it is usual to have to present its work to the recruitment (research professor, researcher (public or private), expert or consultant). Confidentiality is decided by the president of Université de Strasbourg or of a member institution, it can result from a confidentiality agreement as part of a partnership agreement already established and future (it will then be enough to refer to it).
  • If the doctor wants to start a business on the basis of a patent from the work conducted during his thesis, he must know who is co-owner of the intellectual property. In particular, when the student is an employee the employer has usually intellectual property rights. If the situation is clear when the employer is a higer education institution (50% for the inventor, 50% for the employer), it deserves to be analyzed if employee by another institution for another mission than preparing his thesis.

Doctoral Training agreement