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Formations de l'école doctorale

Catalogue formations 2017-2018

Descriptif des formations

Intervenants : M. Maumy-Bertrand & Frédéric Bertrand

La formation sera essentiellement axée autour du logiciel libre R et de la statistique.
Cette formation s’appuie essentiellement sur le livre que les deux intervenants ont écrit :
Initiation à la statistique avec R.

Frédéric Bertrand et Myriam Maumy-Bertrand, éditions Dunod 2014.

Effective Writing
Intervenant : D. Goodfellow 

The aim of this course is to learn how to write texts according to the guidelines of scientific journals and to acquire the necessary vocabulary and style in order to write an article in English. The workshop is interactive, each student working on his/her own article (you must have started writing this article prior to signing up for the course) and interacting with the course leader on a one to one basis. 

Special Ed-Merck Partnership course ''Developing your interviewing skills''
Intervenant : A. Haug 

Preparing your future career and future responsibilities supposes a good knowledge of job opportunities in a private or public environment as well as being efficiently prepared in order to be successful in your job research. This training dedicated to PhD students in Biology will help you getting a better vision on career opportunities through concrete examples. You will learn how to apply interviewing techniques to maximize the success of your selection in a recruitment process.

Special Ed-Merck Partnership course ''How to make the right impression and deliver clear messages along public speaking''
Intervenant : A. Haug 

Communication belongs to the major competencies you will need to demonstrate to be successful in your job whether it is in a public or private company. We communicate constantly but delivering a clear message means preparing an audience to receive information, give the information, make sure that the message is understood and that the audience will remember it. This training dedicated to PhD students in Biology will help you getting a better understanding of impact of commu- nication through practical exercises. You will learn how to prepare your communication, how to structure and man- age it, how to choose the appropriate tools and behavior in order to deliver clear messages and make right impression in front of a group.